A perfect fit

Whether you’re running a side project or looking to make a full-time living, eShopoly has the tools you need. 


Optimized to make your store or site shine, every day.

Our managed platform is more than just a place to put your sites. It’s purpose-built systems, tools, practical expertise, and thoughtful specialists that, together, free you and your team to focus on your business.


Our cloud-based containerized hosting encapsulates our best practices from running large scale, high profile sites. It’s built for small to Enterprise requirements.

Smart, proactive security

While our security practices are carefully protected, we can share that we employ a number of approaches and techniques to proactively block brute force and other types of attacks. 

Fully managed service

We take care of everything. You’ll never have to see a server control panel, update software, or respond to an alert.

  • Automatic updates to platform features
  • Hourly backups, vulnerability scans, brute force protection, and comment spam filtering
  • Uptime and performance monitoring
  • Automatic resource scaling to handle peak and sustained traffic


Proactive and on-call support

Our service is designed to provide guidance every step of the way, so that your developers benefit from our knowledge and best practices even before they write a line of code. But when they do have questions or face challenges, our expert WordPress engineers are available via our support portal with response time specs tailored to your needs.

Our backGroud Story

We’re a small, tight-knit team focused on making eShopoly  empowering and easy to use. Some of us run our own eShopoly stores. We’ve worked hard to build a company where we do big things. We’re here to help you do the same.

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