LiitoKala lii-500 LCD Display 18650 Battery Charger lii500 For 18650 17500 26650 1634014500 AA AAA Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery

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Specific parameters:
1. DC Input voltage: 12V / 2.0A
2. LI-ION battery charging current: 4.2 V 300mA / 500mA / 700mA / 1000mA
3. NiMH battery charging current: 1.48 At 300mA / 500mA / 700mA / 1000mA
4. Rechargeable Battery Specifications: 18650.26650, 14500, AA, AAA, and others.
5. Discharge Current: 250mA, 500mA
6. USB Output: 5V — 1000mA
7. Termination: Intelligent voltage monitoring
8. Size: 162 mm (length) * 96 mm (width) * 36 mm (height).


1.4 kinds of charging current regulator (mA / 500mA / 700mA / 1000mA);
2.Various specifications (18650/26650 …… / AA / AAA) into the battery charger;
3.The charger eliminates the use of a separate LCD screen, Voltage (V) Current (MA) time (H) Capacity (mAh) Resistance (MR) Options, E … view;
4.Under the charge mode, 4 channel work independently, you can select different charging current for charging and hunchong lithium-ion batteries and nickel-metal hydride battery.
5.Under the Quick Test mode, 4 channels can quickly detect battery capacity, regardless of the lithium-ion batteries and nickel-hydrogen batteries, work independently. Rapid detection process of the battery capacity (1 category, 2 full) two steps
6.Neither the test mode, battery capacity is usually found three step process of (1 first charged, then discharged 2 and 3 refill), battery capacity detection process;
7.Charging and fast test / no test 3 modes can operate simultaneously; Independent set charge / fast detection capability / Normal capacity of detection;
8.Various protection functions: Overload and over discharge, short circuit, temperature, voltage of 0V function is activated, (& Delta; V and 0 & Delta; V), 1.65 B 2.2 B can not be charged, Intelligent recognition bad battery and reverse-battery detection protection.
9.With standard 5V / 1000mA USB output: 1 to 4 lithium batteries Lithium batteries USB output is completed, the product can not be nickel-metal hydride battery with USB output.
10.With special power adapter: DC Input voltage: 12V / 2A.

Description of keys:
1.The charger has six buttons, key mode (mode), the current selection key (NAP), and view the data independently selected key (1234), the use of simple and convenient;
2.Hold down the Mode key in any case, and for 3 seconds to change the fee (Free) mode or quick test No test (capacity test) mode, then press again the corresponding function keys can be changed within 8 seconds, Current, Independent , Hunchong, capacity test, the selected function after 8 seconds in a working condition, in working condition can press (1234) To view the current (MA) / Capacity (mAh) / Voltage (V) / Time (H) / Resistance (MR) data reference.

Mode Description:
(Charge mode)
1.When power is on the charger, battery charger all instant full brightness LCD screen when the battery is not placed in the display Null, if it is a bad battery will also be displayed in the Null;
2.Insert the battery charger, battery charger for three seconds or so to measure the internal resistance of the battery, after which the system automatically switches to charging mode (FREE), charger will automatically default charging current "500mA, in 8 seconds for the current selection Key (NAP) Select 300mA, 500mA, 700mA, 1000mA charging current lock system that you select will be charged in eight seconds if within 8 seconds, do not set, then the system will automatically default charging current 500MA, current and other functions in this time will not be changed if you want to change, change the mode of election of the Press;
3.In the charging mode (FREE) Within 8 seconds to change any of independent charging or other current selection, as well as various battery hunchong. Make a simple, 8 seconds, press the corresponding button battery 1234 Press the MODE button to change the mode, press the key to changing the current Independent, Hunchong, detection capacity, chosen after 8 seconds in the operation, attention to choose the size according to the current battery capacity charge, if not faster charging we recommend charging 500MA, This is the safest;
4.Charging Mode by pressing the keys, you can switch to view the 1234 power charge (mAh) / charging time (H) / internal resistance of the battery (MR) / charging current (MA), Voltage (V) 5 kinds of units, the battery is fully charged after the show (End of charge);
The capacity of the detection mode (Quick Test or Test) two types
(A) Quick test (rapid capacity test mode)
1.When the power is turned back into the charger, 8 seconds Touch (Key Mode Mode) Select (quick test quick capacity test mode), then press (current selection key CURREN) Select System 8 seconds after locking your choice to work. Quick Reference Table Capacity test procedure
Quick test – enter selected discharge current battery recharge –
The first battery is low, then the battery is fully charged the batteries, to detect and record the capacity of the battery.
Please note that this product is the power test mode, discharge mode is divided into two types, When you select the charge current (300mA, 500mA), The system will automatically default discharge current of 250mA, When you select the charge current (700mA, 1000mA), The system automatically default discharge current 500mA,
(B) or test (Normal capacity detection mode)
1.No test mode: The first battery is fully charged and then discharge the battery discharge capacities to detect and record the capacity of the battery after the battery is fully automated; The ability to detect a process with reference TABLE II
No test enter selected current battery recharge and discharge –
2. When the power is turned back into the charger, 8 seconds Touch (Key Mode Mode) No test mode is selected, in any mode, press the mode button for 2 seconds, you can enter any test mode;
3.After you enter any test mode, you can select the key (NAP) Select 300mA, 500mA, 700mA for 8 seconds, or 1000 mA current, the current system is locked after selecting 8 seconds if the 8 second, do not make a set, the system will automatically lock mA charge current (When current default charging current is automatically selected when the discharge current of 250 mA discharge), in which for 8 seconds Select 700mA or 1000mA charge current will automatically select the discharge current of 500mA discharge.
4.When the battery is fully charged, the system will automatically discharge, discharge current, the system default (relationships Select the charging current), and writing data to detect the discharge capacity of the battery, when is displayed, Capacity test mode, this setting LCD display the actual battery capacity reference value.
5.Capacity Test Mode finished, the charger will be selected by the current settings again before charging the battery to full.
Five, USB 5 V output

Packing list:(Please choose according to you need.)

1. lii500 no other includ : Liitokala lii-500 charger(not includ battery)+1* Manual+1* Tracking no.

2. lii500 no car includ: Liitokala lii-500 charger(not includ battery)+12 V 1.5 A adapter+1* Manual+1* Tracking no.

3. lii500 includ: Liitokala lii-500 charger(not includ battery)+12 V 1.5 A adapter+1* Car charger cable+1* Manual+1* Tracking no.

Specification: LiitoKala lii-500 LCD Display 18650 Battery Charger lii500 For 18650 17500 26650 1634014500 AA AAA Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery

Weight 0.45 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 10 in
Brand Name:



Standard Battery





Intelligent Charge:


Model Number:


Display screen:


Battery Number:


Quick charge:


108 reviews for LiitoKala lii-500 LCD Display 18650 Battery Charger lii500 For 18650 17500 26650 1634014500 AA AAA Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery


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  1. A***r G.

    Charger cool image. landing used batteries can provide np 3200 mAh and the discharge 1500 mah same front bumper with AA battery has set highly and aaa can make them ladowac 1,51 V. once me sie zdążyło stainless AA wyciągnąłem ładowało to 4,2 V and quickly. now also charges. needed to it is according to the manual 1.5A 2A charger and adds manufacturer no message so. i bought without because i have 2,3A by connecting adapter 1.5A gets from it 1,7A power supply with full capacity.

  2. A****m M.

    Thanks a lot

  3. T***r K.

    Parcel arrived this month. all in one piece, intact and operational. I ordered from this seller and batteries panasonic ncr18650b 3.7 3400 mAh 18650 to look like the original. checked on this charging consistent with the stated capacity. so I recommend!!!

  4. E****i G.

    The device came to Nizhny Novgorod region for 13 days, checked the works. sapsibo seller for the good work!

  5. Customer

    Came charging in less than a month. works just fine! I was looking for something like that. the quality of the device I estimated at 5 points! especially when you consider its functionality! All modes work perfectly. the result-charging satisfied on all 100%

  6. V***m S.

    Running lights. after the payment was sent the next day, delivery month in the Khabarovsk Territory. instructions in Russian downloaded in the net. spasibo seller for travel

  7. K*****k K.

    Delivery to Chelyabinsk 2 weeks, great! A useful device. can still needs regular user at home. Made at a high tech level. Packaging does not meet the requirements for the shipment of electronic devices. My survived, unfortunately postal loader))

  8. A****y G.

    Fast order taking, fast delivery, good quality

  9. A*******r R.

    Was a month. the track is monitored. everything works fine. I recommend!

  10. M*****l D.

    Great charger… tested and литионных and nickel. thank you

  11. Customer

    Delivery 2 weeks tracked. there is nothing to check, ждёмс BATTERY.

  12. V*****y K.

    Parcel received, everything is in order. left to check in. to the Urals for three weeks came, track to track.

  13. M*****l K.

    Excellent charging! came to the Saratov region for 20 days. perfectly packaged. in a cardboard box, the charger in pupyrke, power supply is also in pupyrke. as poverbank works. charges the batteries. I recommend seller!

  14. Customer

    Great product

  15. D*****x B.

    All super delivery month before the m/device works thank you seller 5 +

  16. E**n H.

    Excellent charging, ‘ve clocked the old batteries. I recommend seller.

  17. Y******v V.

    Excellent charging

  18. Customer

    Box come wrinkled, but inside everything was well packed, everything works, I recommend

  19. A****i T.

    Excellent разядка, delivery fast, I recommend!

  20. S****y A.

    the work is not checked.

  21. S****y K.

    Went long, but reached. charging жырная and quality. all the charges, has a comfortable screen with backlight. normal european power adapter without adapters. I recommend to buy.

  22. G*****y K.

    Fast, everything works well. I recommend the seller.

  23. A*******r Z.

    Delivered quickly. 20 days. but the promised 10. a good thing

  24. Customer

    Arrived in Moscow for 1mes and 10days. everything works

  25. Customer

    All arrived safe and sound, although the box was dented thoroughly. sent quickly. good seller, you can work with him.

  26. V******r S.

    Thank you.

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  29. V****r M.

    Be aware that if you need to charge 26650 batteries this charger can charge only 2 at the same time due to limited space. I use port 1 and 4. However I need to charge 3 batteries at the same time! So I’m not satisfied… . At the same time it is very good tool

  30. A****y K.

    Прибыло за месяц. Упаковано в картонную коробку и пакет. Коробка была помята, но все содержимое цело. Качество сборки очень хорошее. Все работает. Продавцу самые теплые пожелания.

  31. A**r M.

    I am satisfied with the goods. Seller is not good. ((

  32. B****k A.

    21Дней до Германии. Качественно.

  33. A*****y S.

    товаром доволен. есть возможность “раскачки”, “зарядки” по батарейно… информация только по каждому аккумулятору отдельно. в целом класс!

  34. A*******r B.

    Коробка была помята, но товар не пострадал. Все работает

  35. K**********************h D.

    Хорошее зарядное.Пришел заказ за месяц. Рекомендую товар и продавца(месяц наверное потому что шло вместе с аккумуляторами 18650)

  36. A****i S.

    посылка шла чуть меньше месяца. т.к. кроме коробки самой зарядки ничего не было, но эту самую коробку нормально так помяли. но зарядка дошла в целости и нормально работает. жаль, конечно, что не умеет нулёвые аккумы поднимать.

  37. Customer

    Everything is excellent! Thank you very much!

  38. O**g C.

    Продавцу спасибо за классный товар и очеь быструю доставку! Всё полностью соответствует описанию и моим ожиданиям. Хороший продавец! Рекомендую!

  39. D*******i U.

    посилочку получил.все хорошо.

  40. A*******r P.

    Дошел быстро за 18дн. Коробка была помята, но товар не пострадал. Работает.

  41. R****s S.

    Finally arrived to UK address, took two months. Perfect condition, working fine so far. Thanx!

  42. M****n B.


  43. S****y K.

    good charger. recommend!

  44. G******y V.

    works as need меряет акума each internal resistance, current charge for each 300 500, 700, 1000. тестит capacity. delivery of the month rb in. автооткл with backlight display have. appearance is high.

  45. Customer

    matches the description have not tested at work seller excellent shipping long

  46. A********a L.

    all working, do not take in the first time.

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    all… fast checked by working! пасиб ..

  48. M*********a T.

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    came send as expected very fast. all working, charging satisfied.

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  51. G*****y L.

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  52. D*****y D.

    moscow went to just over a month, упакованно box work, charges.

  53. P**r B.

    ‘ll to many, расскажут all pictures. i very satisfied!!! like, shipping and from the seller. home привёз cdek of courier. by the way, заказывал batteries together with battery.

  54. N***a

    really good product.the delivery time was only 11 days. the product does what expected.

  55. I***k

    high power, аккумы разряжает charges and evenly. recommend.

  56. G***n

    -charger суперское confirm!!! all the information display! even do not understand, i still technology miracle without vein?! респект уважуха and store! looking not sent at new chinese праздновал china that the whole year. thank you, responsible guys p. in song поётся as there? “on lids brothers-китайцем with russian! amens!

  57. A***v

    4 дошла витебска to, seller sent the next day delivery. judging треку up, of parcel отправилась singapore exact cost points seller value, though i asked less point. the satisfied.

  58. D***O

    charges. i am afraid not LiFePo4 for charging, чём said the oh. strange sure.

  59. A***a

    sent charging very fast, шла package 18 days (six days казпочтой one) quality very neat and packed. completely пришедшим description. excellent quality best and charge it. all-checked. and seller very satisfied.

  60. B***b

    charges works, standard,

  61. L***b

    молодцы, promptly, all are as will work as гляним on

  62. V***o

    the only one, for packed and which good, and has come in time, matches the description and. included in the socket the thing called wheel with, works as, as expected. thank you. chinese молодцы.

  63. V***n

    description all-match.

  64. S***n

    long шла package. it’s all whole. quality is good, all.

  65. I***n

    charging томск came in two weeks. with until разбирался. протестирую хорошенько дополню and feedback.

  66. E***v

    all working, all is excellent. marvellously quick дошло петербурга st to.

  67. Customer

    packed perfectly. matches the description

  68. Customer

    excellent charging. fast shipping

  69. A***v

    device fully comply with all excellent quality and function. highly recommend.

  70. A***n

    came 03.03.18 mound 13.02.18 ordered in the post parcel. packed well. work. продовца recommend. отслеживалась down to the parcel post.

  71. M***m

    goods received, delivery of the month, more of not tested

  72. A***y

    новосиба to two weeks delivery, all packed super, direct factory packing делано not seen on the knee))). quality is very good, immediately tried several charge after unpacking аккумов basks what not running not all. юзать ютюб on’ll describe it on’ll have good reviews. recommend commodity!!!

  73. A***i

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  74. D***v

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  75. D***u

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  76. M***v

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  77. O***j

    Fast delivery. All functions working. Good quality.

  78. D***v

    very thank you so much for fast delivery! excellent charger! опробовать had time to have it.-appended bilingual instruction english and chinese. has three sent it after you place order. from hong kong post office to my shipped within 7 days. it is very fast! quality product performance for excellent thank! =)

  79. I***v

    quite fast shipping capacity shows.

  80. A***v

    seller sent very fast. пришёл помялось pack-no good goods. распаковывал not more, not tried.

  81. I***a

    can be also used as a powerbank: lion => 5 v usb.

  82. O***v

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  83. R***v

    all working, charging excellent

  84. I***v

    all is excellent!!! delivery fast, packed well! wanted to buy such a long charging. regretted and not buy here, and charges разрежает all is excellent! three modes charge! 1. charge, 2. charge-discharge, 3. charge-discharge. for cell phone td poverbank function have.

  85. O***o

    the fast weeks. заряжала batterys not more, but when turn on the work, matches the description.

  86. V***i

    ціну загалом таку for, 4 charge is акумулятора. плюсів s, майже нагрівається під hour not charge, має канали незалежні 4, користуванні in easy, yak використовувати можна power bank. мінусів s, важко виймати batteries, особливо 18650, мінімальний charge/розряд 300 ma, хотілося щоб було трошки менше…

  87. C***s

    very good!!!! product delivered and working perfectly!!!!! feather that after two days i queimei he reversing the polarity source!!!! that unlucky!!! you have as help me the fix??? i liked very product best infelismente inverti the polarity input 12 volts and queimei it!!!! would like one help if possible one technician you to me auxiliary no repairment!!! thank you!!!

  88. M***a

    2 area московской to. seller sent fast, there any questions. all the whole, пупырку was well packed. tested working efficiency, 5 the балов. if later that дополню feedback. as long as and all good. thank you!

  89. Y***a

    shipping fast. was packed well. tested until the waiting for ak. battery. then доплню feedback.

  90. I***B

    cool charger! test mode (charging discharge) learned his real capacity battery 2 2 3000 18650 battery battery 18650 mah емкостью2600 тестились 11часов. when heated work. whole satisfied, that only unpleasant this led display пошарпанный protective film, press of непонятные and easy on the screen when and yes, rb delivery, almost no track отслеживался. whole seller and excellent shop! goods excellent! good seller! luck good!

  91. I***v

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  92. A***o

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  93. A***o

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  96. Customer

    package very good, charger works fine, dont know only how to discharge battery, but i’ll figure it out 😉

  97. R***k

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  103. E***v


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