Liitokala Lii500 LCD Display 18650 Battery Charger Lii-500 For 18650/26650/16340/A/AA/AAA/Ni-MH/Ni-Cd Rechargeable Batteries

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Liitokala lii-500 LCD 3.85V/3.7V/1.2V/A.AA/AAA Ni-MH/Ni-Cd


10440/18500/18490/17500/17670/26500/17355/Battery Charger


1. The charger can only charge Cylindrical lithium-ion and Ni-MH-battery, Lithium iron phosphate battery is unavailable.

2. Please refer to the instructions carefully before use, pay attention to the recommended battery charging current, do not exceed the recommended charging current.

3. It is better not to use other power adapter, we have more suitable adapter 12V 2A for the charger.

4.There is a little fever when the charger is under the charging and discharging, but it is a normal phenomenon

5.Unplug the power and pull out the battery when you stop using the charger.

6. The product measured data just for reference only.

7.there is a limit on the charger, please do not charge the battery and do the output current at the same time, we are now fixing this bug now, after 6 months later, our charger can not do the input and output currant at the same time. and our charger does not a converter, it cant connect the power and the electronic products without putting the battery into the slots of the charger directly, please confirm the situation, and do not make any unnecessary problems.

8. If the output current does not reach more than 60ma, it will stop DC 5V output current

9. the slot of the charge can be fit with the 26650 battery, but the whole charger cant be fit with

4pcs 26650 battery, just can be fit with 2pcs at the same time, please keep inform, thank you.

10.The internal resistance detection mode is for reference only, The main function of the charger is to charge and detect the capacity


Connecting to the power, to open the Lii-500 charger, the screen as follows:

When power is on the charger, battery charger all instant full brightness LCD screen when the battery is not placed in the display Null, if it is a bad battery will also be displayed in the Null

In the charging mode (FREE) Within 8 seconds to change any of independent charging or other current selection, as well as various battery hunchong. Make a simple, 8 seconds, press the corresponding button battery 1234 Press the MODE button to change the mode, press the key to changing the current Independent, Hunchong, detection capacity, chosen after 8 seconds in the operation, attention to choose the size according to the current battery capacity charge, if not faster charging we recommend charging 500MA, This is the safest.

Fast test (rapid capacity test mode)

When the power is turned back into the charger, 8 seconds Touch (Key Mode Mode) Select (quick test quick capacity test mode), then press (current selection key CURREN) Select System 8 seconds after locking your choice to work. Quick Reference Table Capacity test procedure

Nor test (Normal capacity detection mode)
1.Nor test mode: The first battery is fully charged and then discharge the battery discharge capacities to detect and record the capacity of the battery after the battery is fully automated; The ability to detect a process with reference TABLE II
Nor test enter selected current battery recharge and discharge

USB 5V Output Test

12V 2A Power Adapter

Liitokala Car Charger

Offical Package

Specification: Liitokala Lii500 LCD Display 18650 Battery Charger Lii-500 For 18650/26650/16340/A/AA/AAA/Ni-MH/Ni-Cd Rechargeable Batteries

Weight0.45 lbs
Dimensions25 x 20 x 15 in
Brand Name:



Standard Battery





Intelligent Charge:


Model Number:


Display screen:


Battery Number:


Quick charge:




Li-ion battery charging current:

4.2 V 300mA / 500mA / 700mA / 1000mA

NiMH battery charging current:

1.48 At 300mA / 500mA / 700mA / 1000mA

Rechargeable Battery Specifications:

18650.26650, 14500, AA, AAA, and others

Discharge Current:

250mA, 500mA

USB Output:

5V — 1000mA


Intelligent voltage monitor

Size: :

162 mm (length) * 96 mm (width) * 36 mm (height)

Country of origin:

Shenzhen China

Packing List:

We have three packing lists,please order you want.

5 reviews for Liitokala Lii500 LCD Display 18650 Battery Charger Lii-500 For 18650/26650/16340/A/AA/AAA/Ni-MH/Ni-Cd Rechargeable Batteries


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Everything works, I recommend! thank you.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    I**r I.

    I received the charger okay packaging complete charging was wrapped in pupyrku all works not very heated, does not stink. I recommend seller. battery charge me. who wants to observe the graphics and engage in charge of buy opus. this charger style plug and forget.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    E****y A.

    Smart charging

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    D*****i E.

    Excellent charging!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    S****y C.

    Excellent battery! I used to live without him. Now I know the vitality akums

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