The B.I.G. Company - Pre Shave Oil - 60ml / 2oz Shave Oil - Use with Straight Edge or Safety Razor - Classic Barbershop Scent - Shaving Guide ebook Included: Beauty


About the product
  • PROTECTS SKIN AGAINST SHAVING IRRITATION [For Sensitive Skin] - Pre Shave Oil softens beard hair and skin locking in moisture to prepare your skin for an irritation free shave.
  • ENJOY A COMFORTABLE PAIN-FREE SHAVE - Shaving Oil causes your skin to become very supple and flexible allowing your blade to work with your skin, and not against it.
  • REDUCES INGROWN HAIR, RASHES & RED BUMPS - Using pre-shave oil doesn’t just help with the shaving experience, but also days after your shave. Your skin will look and feel fresh and healthy.
  • FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOUR SKIN - Our goal with the B.I.G. Pre-Shave Oil is that you will love shaving, and not cringe at it because of what it does to your skin. Start feeling good again without worrying about how the red bumps look, and if anyone notices the cuts.
  • BEST SHAVING PRACTICE + SHAVING GUIDE - Use under shaving cream with a straight edge razor or safety razor. Comes with Shaving Guide.

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