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Selling online in Jamaica with eShopoly


Looking for ways to expand your business with the top ecommerce websites in Jamaica? At eShopoly We would be the best fit for your product in terms of traffic volume and competition. We have the top payment methods for digital purchases include cash, card payments and cheques. It’s important to provide your (potential) customers with payment methods of their preference.


If you Would you like to reach thousands of customers across Jamaica and would like to increase online sales but lack the infrastructure then you found your solution, your customers will be able to make purchases even if they don’t have a credit/debit card.

Selling on the Jamaican ecommerce market is a great option for growth-minded online sellers. 


Many Jamaican businesses have turned to eShopoly in order to reach a wider customer base. There are 1,216,098 Internet users in Jamaica and Internet penetration amounts to 43.40%. If you are a small business with a unique product we are the perfect place for you.

If you are a large business but your customers are geographically concentrated, we are the perfect place for you. 


With eShopoly, the days of worrying about collecting payments and shipping your orders are long gone. We take the hassle out of selling online by handling the payments and shipping of your products sold through eShopoly. We ensure timely delivery to your customers, directly to their doorsteps! We accept all major credit cards.


We know what you’re thinking…what will this cost me? This is the best part; you don’t pay to place your products on eShopoly. You only pay a small commission when a sale is made. Just register and find out how it works. Once you’ve registered, our experts will handle all of the details. 



Here are some of the time and cost-saving benefits you will experience with eShopoly:

■ Easy product setup


■ Automatic Cataloguing of your products


■ Accurate and fast order management


■ Order fulfillment


■ Payment services


■ Customer Support


■ Reporting on your business sales


How it Works?

Step 1. Complete the eShopoly quick seller Registration and submit. 

Step 2. Customer logs on and makes purchase

Step 3. Email alert sent to advise you of customer purchase.

Step 4. Pick, pack and label order for shipment, insert returns instructions, change order status to ready on sellers dashboard. Automatic email alert sent to courier.

Step 5. Courier collects and delivers package.


Payments are Guaranteed!

With eShopoly, payments are a breeze. We collect your money upfront so there are no delays. Payments are verified in advance, so you never have to worry about getting paid and there is absolutely no receivables to manage. Full payment is delivered to your bank account within 14 business days and it could be sooner depending on your return policy. We don’t get paid unless you get paid. It’s that simple!

Ecommerce facts & tips on selling in Jamaica

With a population of 2,898,677, Jamaica is an emerging consumer market with a growing ecommerce sector.

Top ecommerce sites

The top ecommerce sites in Jamaica are amazon.com, ebay.com and eShopoly.com. It’s worth checking out these popular sites to see which ones might best suit your product in terms of traffic volume, competition and the type of ecommerce buyers that they attract. To learn how to expand in this market.

Payment methods

The top online payment methods in Jamaica include cash, card payments and cheques. It’s important to provide your (potential) customers with payment methods of their preference, not supporting common payment methods in a given market will immediately exclude a certain proportion of that market. In many cases, if online shoppers can’t find their preferred or trusted methods of payment during checkout, they will abandon the shopping cart entirely.

Your site’s checkout is the most important and most sensitive part of your buying funnel. Optimizing your checkout for your customers, particularly your international ones, will have a huge impact on your conversion rate. Make sure you provide local payment options, currency conversion and appropriate, cost effective, and timely, local shipping methods.

Mobile commerce

For B2C online purchases particularly, mobile ecommerce now makes up a significant proportion of Jamaica ecommerce market and within the next 12 months is likely to surpass desktop usage. Ecommerce merchants should bear this in mind when setting up their online stores and product listings. Mobile optimization and a great mobile buying experience is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it must be core to your broader ecommerce strategy.

Digital marketing and SEO

To drive Jamaican traffic to your website, local marketing & SEO will be essential, however, in order to do this effectively you will need to localize your store for the Jamaican market. Having a localized version of your store, in Jamaican Dollars and in English will enable you to have your store indexed in Jamaican search engines and in order to generate free organic traffic. Another great and highly effective way to generate good quality, qualified traffic, is Google Ads. To learn more about global traffic growth.


Another great and highly effective way to generate good quality, qualified traffic, is Google Ads. We provide a simple & fully managed ecommerce solution that connects your existing Google Shopping product feeds with buyers worldwide, growing your sales instantly.


Jamaica has a sophisticated and efficient ecommerce industry and to compete effectively it is essential that you are able to offer cost-effective and timely local shipping options. The easiest way to provide a reliable and secure local shipping service in a new market is often to use the local postal service.

Customs, Tax & Duties

In order to ensure a seamless buying experience and reliable delivery times for Jamaican buyers, it is a good idea to consider calculating and displaying all local taxes and duties upfront. This involves assigning relevant HS codes to all your products and then using those to calculate the taxes and duties that need to be applied to a specific product.

Jamaica: General Information

Selling in Jamaica is a great option for growth-minded online merchants. When you launch your store in a new market, there are a number of useful facts and data that you should consider.

There are 1,216,098 Internet users in Jamaica and Internet penetration amounts to 43.40%.


Population & language

The total population of Jamaica is 2,898,677. The median age is 26.3. The language spoken in Jamaica is English and the currency is Jamaican dollar. The country code top-level domain is .jm and calling code +1-876.

The economy

According to the International Monetary Fund, GDP based on purchasing power parity (PPP) is 26,474 (millions of Current Int$) and nominal GDP is 14,290 (US$MM). GDP (PPP) per capita is 9,212 Int$ and GDP (nominal) per capita is 5,048 US$. Real GDP growth rate is 1.70%.


International ecommerce sales potential

Selling in Jamaica is worth considering for many international ecommerce merchants. It’s a large and active consumer market. If you’re already selling into Jamaica, you may be happy with your sales figures. However, you may have noticed that your Jamaican, and your international traffic in general, converts at a much lower conversion rate than your domestic traffic, even in markets that share the same language.

The likely reason for this is that, even if your site and product descriptions are in the same language, you may not have addressed many of the other components of localization, that will impact conversion rate.

‍ ‍ A fully localized buying experience should address:

  • Ecommerce-optimized translation
  • Local marketing & SEO
  • Size & Currency conversion
  • International payment methods
  • Local shipping options
  • Tax & duties
  • Legal and local compliance
  • Local product restrictions

Online retailers used to do a great deal of manual work to expand globally, managing translation manually, matching product categories, attributes, sizes, etc.

Luckily, thanks to the developments in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), online merchants no longer have to spend time on ecommerce translation & localization when launching their stores abroad.

Machine learning technologies now provide automated translation, extract attributes, convert sizes and map the right category in an accurate, efficient and consistent way. To learn more about our cross border solutions

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