Why powered by eShopoly is important to understand

Shopping online can become very tricky especially since you have no one to interact with directly.

eShopoly is making an Internet where people can engage with safe companies, and where safe companies can thrive. All of our products exist to help consumers make the right choices about who they do business with online—which helps safe online businesses succeed.

Nearly 1 in 5 carts are abandoned because customers don’t know if they can trust a business.

of people have decided not to purchase something online because they didn’t recognize the brand or company.

of consumers have not purchased something online because trustmarks were missing.

The powered by eShopoly certification allies your business to one of the one of the leading online shopping brands in Jamaica —helping decrease abandonment and bounces, and increasing sales.

We are very serious about securely hosting your store and have invested significant time and money in our solution with continuous risk management, we work hard to keep our shopping cart and ecommerce hosting secure.

Moreover our core goal is keeping the shoppers safe from fraud, scams or theft. All eShopoly stores using our platform are screened for quality and deliverable.